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 Improve your supply chain, reduce costs and increase profits with our SaaS+ demand planning and forecasting software. The 250+ advanced algorithms enable you to accurately predict your demand and sales, optimize inventory, and minimize waste. Never run out of stock, analyze your product performance, and avoid deadstock. Work with our experts to customize our software for your business needs. Integrate the software with any ERP.


Forecasting Algorithms


Months’ Worth of Advance Forecasting

Up to 99%

Results Accuracy

Accurate Demand Forecasting for an Effective Supply Chain

Harness the power of 250+ forecasting algorithms, industry-leading technology, and unparalleled customer service with one of the best Demand Forecasting Software solutions available today. Forecast and plan your demand, manage your supply chain, and optimize your inventory.

Forecast demand for up to 5 years into the future and seize opportunities as they arise. Use it as an inventory optimization software to improve inventory management, reduce costs, and increase sales. Save on warehousing costs by only storing the products you will need, avoiding stockouts, reducing inventory space and associated expenses, and operating on minimal inventory. Use it as safety stock optimization software to accurately calculate your safety stock based on demand. Perform “’what-if”’ analysis, and supply planning operations such as retail analysis. Get customized Demand Forecasting Software perfect for your business requirements.

Effective Supply Chain

Features of Demand Forecasting Software

250+ Forecasting Algorithms

250+ industry-leading forecasting algorithms developed over the decades power our demand forecasts. These algorithms are a result of our 40+ years of industry expertise. They use your past sales data to forecast and plan according to every possible scenario to give you an accurate demand forecast every time.

Point Of Sale Forecasting

Our demand forecasting software helps brands perform point-of-sale (POS) forecasting for their products. It allows businesses to forecast demand across various platforms, aiding supply chain optimization and inventory management. This is a unique offering and especially helpful for eCommerce and other retail brands.

Seasonality and Trend Analysis

Seasonality and consumer trends are the significant drivers of demand changes. Our business forecasting software uses your past sales data to analyze your product performance across the year. It uses data like seasonality, and market and trend analysis, to forecast your demand even as the market changes.

Custom Reporting

Generate reports at every step of the supply chain process, record analysis and enhance the forecasting precision with our built-in dashboard and integrated business intelligence technology. Create weekly, or monthly sales demand forecasts and perform custom reporting with MS SQL database technology.

Event Forecasting

Certain events and seasonal changes can cause demand to increase or decrease dramatically. Foresee demand-changing events, promotions, or discounts to optimize your inventory better and ensure availability while reducing waste. Manage your replenishment and safety stock based on your event forecasts.

Forecasting for New Products

New products typically don’t have historical data that can be used to generate accurate demand forecasts. Our Demand Forecasting tool uses market analysis and sales data from similar products to forecast demand for new products just as accurately as it does for existing products.

Benefits of Demand Forecasting Software

Custom Demand Forecasting

We understand that every business is unique, and so are its demand planning needs. To meet our clients’ needs, we provide customized Demand Forecasting Software. Our experts work closely with you to design a customized Demand Forecasting solution for your business’s needs.

Increase Savings and Revenue

Use our Demand Forecasting Software to, ensure availability and , increase profit. Avoid stockouts to save on lost sales while preventing loss due to overstock, deadstock, or high inventory costs. The cumulative effect? Maximum profit at minimum cost.

Time-saving and Cost-effective

Our business forecasting solutions help you realize more savings by cutting down on unnecessary warehousing and inventory costs. Unlike manual forecasting processes, our software automates forecasting processes and integrates with any ERP or BI reporting tool, helping you save more time.

Forecasting At Any Level

Going beyond just SKUs, we concentrate on various factors that affect demand for a business. It considers every SKU, location, warehouse, customer, demand planner, sales region, total business, grouping, and more and helps you forecast your product demand at any hierarchy level.

User-friendly Interface

Our software is designed to be easy for users across the supply chain. It has an intuitive customer interface, various forecasting options, graphical data overview, etc., that makes it easier to operate. It helps demand planners save time while making it easy for employees to transition from orthodox methods.

Talk with Our Experts

Our experts help businesses at every step of the integration process. We provide onboarding guidance, 24/7 virtual sessions, one-on-one customer support, post ‘go-live’ support, and more to our clients. Even if they want to change their ERP partner, our experts help them connect and integrate their data to the new system.

Integrate With the ERP of Your Choice

Our Demand Forecasting Software integrates with most ERP solutions and business intelligence tools to solve your forecasting woes. And when you change your ERP partner, we work through that transition with you to connect your new ERP to your forecasting solution and ensure all necessary data and other business information is integrated.

Demand Forecasting for Every Industry

We work with many brands across many industries. If you have inventory, our Demand Planning solution enables you to improve your supply chain and increase profit. Industries where our solution is in use every day include – FMCG, manufacturing, retail, automotive, fashion, and eCommerce. Our experts work directly with you to tailor our Demand Forecasting Software to your business needs.

Multiple departments within your business – such as manufacturing and production, finance, marketing, and logistics – can use Our software in different ways.


You can analyze your future demand and manage your manufacturing and production with accurate demand forecasting, considering available and processing products. This aids production planning with minimal waste and maximum revenue.


Use Demand Forecasting Software to ensure availability, increasing revenue for the business while reducing loss due to lost sales, overproduction, overstocking, or stocking the wrong products. The net result? A better bottom line. 


Improve turnover rates by avoiding stockouts, hasty replenishment, or sudden transport of products from one location to another. Save money on logistics while avoiding inventory deadstock.

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