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Make the most of your inventory with TransImpact’s inventory planning software and deliver the right products, in the right place, at the right time. Avoid stockout, and reduce waste by avoiding overstock. Stay updated on your inventory levels with real-time insights. Calculate and recalculate inventory to stay prepared as your supply chain changes. Manage your inventory better than ever before and boost your revenue with TransImpact 


Accurate Forecasts


Reduction in Stockouts


Reduction in Inventory

Smart Inventory Planning for Better Results

Inventory Planning

Manage your inventory with up to 99% accuracy and ease with one of the best inventory forecasting programs available. Avoid stockouts by 85% and avoid losing sales, lower profit margins, and high shipping charges. Implement 250+ advanced forecasting algorithms to ensure accuracy and prepare for every situation with an extensive ‘what-if’ analysis. Use predictive inventory management to foresee demand-rising events and optimize your inventory and safety stock to ensure availability.  

Stay updated with accurate, real-time insights into your inventory. Use data from past sales, economic shifts, consumer trends, and more to plan your inventory for up to 180 intervals in the future. Save money by operating on up to 33% lower inventory and only storing the required products.  

Features of Inventory Planning

Bill Of Materials (BOM)

Centralize information and save more on raw material procurement with the bill of material (BOM) explosion. Manage your raw materials better, individually and in kits. Plan your procurement better, reduce operating costs, and pay less for your resources by avoiding hasty orders during high demand or shortage. 

Safety Stock Optimization

Maintain availability even during sudden demand rise with safety stock optimization. Calculate your safety stock accurately and recalculate it as your supply chain changes. Plan your replenishments with ease and save on costs. When your safety stock reduces, get alerted to ensure replenishment arrives on time. 

Predictive Inventory Management

Get up to 99% forecast accuracy with our inventory forecasting software. Predict your inventory and safety stock based on demand for up to 180 periods in the future using 250+ advanced forecasting algorithms. Ensure availability even during changing supplier and market conditions with extensive ‘what-if’ analysis.  

Warehouse Management

Track changes in your inventory across various warehouses with inventory management software. Monitor net purchase requirements for single and multi-level warehouses. Match existing stock to demand and better allocate inventory and safety stock across locations to ensure availability.  

Custom Alerts

Monitor changes in your inventory and plan your supply chain better with consistent alerts. Enable required alerts from the available alerts for changes in inventory including out-of-stock, recommended orders, overdue receipts, safety stock running out or customize alerts using your requirements 

Dashboard Planner

Access all inventory-related information simultaneously with a user-friendly dashboard planner. Make smarter inventory decisions by accessing data like your open sales order, replenishment orders, dependent demand, consolidated time-phased data, and more all in one place.  

Benefits of Inventory Planning

Stay Updated on Inventory

Stay on top of your inventory with real-time insights. Get accurate updates of your in-store and warehouse inventory and never run out of stock. Make smarter decisions regarding procurement, production, safety stock optimization, and warehouse management to sufficiently cater to forecasted demand. 

Reduce Stockouts

Maintain availability of products with our stock forecasting software. Forecast inventory for up to 180 periods and optimize inventory across all locations to ensure availability. Calculate and manage safety stock in your inventory to cater to any sudden rise in demand or a delay in your replenishment orders. 

Manage SKUs Better

Use our inventory planning software to manage thousands of SKUs efficiently. Manage by exception and eliminate the need to address all SKUs simultaneously, reducing error. Use action items to prioritize the SKUs that require immediate attention over others.  

Reduce Overstock and Waste

Reduce overstocking of products by using accurate inventory forecasts to only store the products you need. Reduce deadstock, damaged, or waste products in the inventory. Save on inventory space and high warehousing costs while ensuring your products spend less time in the inventory.  

Organize Inventory for Events

Predict events that cause a sudden demand rise, like holidays, seasonal changes, promotional events,  and forecast your inventory better with our inventory planning software. Make the most of these events, avoid stockouts, and increase revenue by forecasting location-wise inventory to maintain availability. 

Improve Inventory Turns

Prepare for changing market and supplier conditions with extensive ‘what-if’ analysis. Improve your inventory turns and forecast for single or multi-level warehouses. Accurately plan inventory and safety stock changes to cope with the market changes and account for phenomena like the bullwhip effect. 

Integrate With the ERP of Your Choice

Our inventory planning software integrates with most ERP solutions and business intelligence tools to ease forecasting. If you wish to change your ERP partners, we’ll help you through the transition. Our experts will work closely to help connect your new ERP to your forecasting solution and integrate your data and other necessary business information.  

Industry-specific Inventory Planning Solution

We have helped businesses of all sizes from various industries save more and plan their inventory better with our inventory optimization tools. Match your supply to your demand and optimize your inventory better to save the products you need. Avoid stockout, overstock, and unnecessary revenue and increase your revenue with TransImpact. Our experts will help you get customized inventory planning software better aligned with your needs. 

Our software is being implemented by retail, FMCG, fashion, manufacturing, eCommerce, automotive, and electronics industries to name a few. 


Demand changes quickly in the retail sector with trends. It can prove difficult to ensure availability in a changing market. Inventory management software can help you predict these trends and alter your inventory accordingly.  

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

There’s a high risk of overstocking losses due to deadstock or waste in the FMCG sector because of the short shelf-life for most products. Use inventory planning software to avoid overstock, minimize inventory, optimize safety stock, and reduce product time spent in inventory. 


Electronic products are more expensive, and stockouts or damage can cause greater loss. Inventory planning can help manage production, and multi-warehouse inventory in advance,  minimizing loss and maximizing revenue. 

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Our solutions are built for data-driven decision makers in the manufacturing industry. Efficiently gain insights into purchasing, inventory, distribution, and production.


As the nature of retail has changed, so have shipping needs. Now there’s more than shipping – there’s last mile options, carriers dropping customers, and more delivery options.

Food & Beverage

We understand your profitability depends on an optimized and stable supply chain. The TransImpact advantage gives you power for shipment tracking and smooth communications.
Consumer Product

Consumer Products

Grow the top and bottom line, improve profitability and productivity, manage bottlenecks, and track KPIs with our customized solutions. Gain insights that drive action.