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Enhance your business planning by bringing all teams together with TransImpact’s Sales & Operations Planning software. Encourage collaboration, increase transparency, and automate planning processes. Compare forecasted and actual business performances, make smarter decisions, increase profit, and save on operational costs. Optimize operations management and simultaneously analyze your sales, operations, and inventory reports for a smooth-running business. 


Departmental Collaboration


Annual Business Planning


Enterprise Resource Planning 

Enhance Your Business Planning With S&OP Software

S&OP Software

Make your supply chain smarter by encouraging collaboration between all stakeholders across departments. Build transparent communication between all teams to resolve inter-departmental issues better. Plan and measure successful collaborations, deduce supply chain changes, and improve decision-making at the executive level. Adjust business plans to suit the budget and business goals better. Securely share data across the board with user permission control.  

Ease sales and operations planning process with extensive ‘what-if’ analysis. Streamline your supply chain and enhance collaboration between the sales, operations, and revenue departments. Generate forecasts for up to five years in a quarterly, annual, or multi-yearly system.

Features of Sales & Operations Planning

Scenario Planning

Reduce risk and increase profit with scenario planning. Change variables and prepare for future scenarios with extensive ‘what-if’ analysis. Perform contingency planning, analyze your plan from various points of view, anticipate risk scenarios and create a strong business plan based on this data. 

Permission Control

Securely share information, increase transparency, and enhance decision-making  between your departments by implementing S&OP software. Use permission control to decide and limit access to data at any hierarchical level.  

Annual Business Planning

Stay updated on your business’s performance and automate your annual business planning process with sales & operations planning. Monitor market changes and make smarter business decisions. Develop a plan in line with your goals by adjusting your business plans to your budget. 

Performance Tracking

Analyze the success of your business plan by comparing it against your  performance. Compare past, present, and forecasted future scorecards to identify bottlenecks and align your strategies. Track your business growth and use Forecast Value Analysis (FVA) to improve your planning. 

High-level Analysis

Perform high-level analysis for your business with our S&OP software. Summarize all data, including sales, bookings, inventory, production, shipments, and backlog-related information. Analyze business performance by comparing past, present, and forecasted future reports. 

Custom Reporting

Create custom alerts to keep track of changes in your supply chain and customize your reports as per your business needs with the Microsoft SQL Database Technology. Our experts help you get automated and customized reports for your business. 

Benefits of Sales & Operations Planning Software

Enhance Departmental Collaboration

Bring all departments together, enable collaboration management, measure collaboration success, and exercise permission control to ensure safe information sharing. 

Better Decision-making

Encourage collaboration to help all your teams work together, and make smart, budget-friendly decisions by consensus, in line with your business goals.  

Improve Issue Resolution

Use an intuitive sales & operations planning software dashboard to identify and acknowledge internal or departmental issues before they become major problems. 

Easy To Use Software

TransImpact’s S&OP software with an intuitive dashboard planner is designed to be friendly for users at every level to ease working and enhance results. 

Create a Time-phased Plan

Create a comprehensive time-phased plan for business operations for up to 180 intervals and get access to sales orders, replenishment orders, dependent demand, etc.  

Boost Internal Communication

Enhance communication between the sales, operations, and finance teams and enable transparent data transfer across the board with a comprehensive platform. 

Integrate With the ERP of Your Choice

TransImpact’s Sales & Operations Planning software integrates with most ERP solutions and business intelligence tools to enhance business planning. If you wish to change your ERP partners, we will help you through the transition. Our experts will work closely to help connect your new ERP to your sales & operations planning solution and integrate your data and other necessary business information.  

S&OP Software Reports

TransImpact’s Sales & Operations Planning software eases collaboration between three major departments – sales, operations, and finance. It increases transparency, enhancing decision-making. Our software reports include sales report, operations report, and budget report 

Sales Report

Analyze and improve your sales plan with a comprehensive sales report. Compare your past sales forecasts with actual sales to monitor and enhance forecast accuracy. Use this data to increase efficiency and plan your sales effectively. 

Operations Report

Analyze your current operational practices’ efficacy with an operations report. Monitor your planned and executed operations to analyze the differences and their reason. Identify areas for improvement and make better decisions.   

Revenue Report

Easily compare your planned and your actual budget and analyze the efficiency of your current financial plans. Use insights to increase the accuracy of your budget plans and enhance your revenue with smart business decisions. 

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