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Manage your supply chain with accurate supply chain forecasting & planning products. Optimize your supply chain operations, reduce risk and increase profit. Use data to make smarter decisions and accurately plan your supply chain with 250+ forecasting algorithms. Get  custom Demand Planning Software customized for your business and start saving more.  


Forecasting Algorithms 

5 years

of Accurate Forecasting 
Demand Planning Software

Demand Forecasting Software

Plan your demand better and seize upcoming opportunities with TransImpact’s Demand Forecasting Software. Minimize costs and maximize profitability with 250+ forecasting formulas. Use seasonality and trend analysis to plan your supply chain, reduce inventory costs, and increase revenue. Forecast for existing and new products and products across platforms with point-of-sale forecasting. 

Inventory Planning Software

Forecast your inventory with 99% accuracy and never run out of stock. Increase the visibility of your inventory with real-time insights and maintain availability with safety stock calculation. Forecast your inventory better to only store products you require and reduce overstocking and deadstock. Manage thousands of SKUs and better optimize your inventory space to prepare for upcoming events.  

Inventory Planning Software
Sales & Operations Planning Software

Sales & Operations Planning Software

Bring your teams together and enhance transparency at every level with our Sales & Operations Planning Software. Encourage collaboration between your sales, operations, and inventory departments for better decision-making. Plan and measure collaboration success. Optimize your sales operations planning for up to 180 future intervals, automate annual business planning, and enhance profits.  

Features of Demand Planning Software

Customized Solutions

Work directly with our experts to design and customize our Demand Planning Software to suit your business needs.  

Advanced Forecasting Algorithms

Predict your supply chain accurately at any hierarchical level with the power of 250+ advanced forecasting algorithms. 

Decades of Expertise

Make smarter decisions with our 40+ years of extensive industry expertise and industry-leading supply chain software.  

Excellent Customer Assistance

With a dedicated manager, 24/7 access to virtual training, one-on-one sessions, and post ‘go-live’ support, our experts are there to help you. 

ERP Integration

Our software integrates with many popular ERP or business intelligence tools. If you change your ERP, our team will help with your data integration. 

Intuitive Interface

A user-friendly customer interface increases proficiency and allows for a seamless transition for every user across the supply chain.