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Manage your parcel shipments efficiently with TransImpact’s forward-thinking parcel spend technology. Increase visibility in your shipments with dashboards that integrate data from various carriers. Analyze parcel spending, locate higher costing carriers, monitor your time in transit, and save more.  

Save More with Parcel Spend Intelligence

Dashboard for Complete Parcel Spend Analysis

Features of Parcel Spend Analysis

Parcel Spend Overview

Get a quick parcel analysis and parcel cost management on the main parcel spend dashboard. Analyze the cost breakdown for every carrier and view the cost per package or shipment. Easily access information and monitor your KPIs.

Actionable Insights

Identify organized saving opportunities and up to 10% hidden savings for your business. Drill down on each insight and make more cost-effective decisions. Identify potential problems and resolve them before they become an issue.

Time in Transit Analysis

Analyze the average time in transit for your carriers according to services, carrier, delivery time, and cost. Drill down on details and recognize carriers consistently fulfilling service between determined zip codes.

Set Custom Alerts

Stay updated on your parcel shipments with weekly email alerts. Choose the alerts you need from the available upfront alerts or create and customize your own alerts to meet your company’s needs.

Dimensional Analysis

View as sender or receiver and identify which shipments are getting adjusted for dimensional adjustments. Drill down to understand the reason and make smarter decisions to save more on every shipment.

Accessorial Management

Locate isolated accessorial costs on the dashboard, separated from the shipment costs. View as sender or receiver and recognize opportunities to save more.


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Get Custom Alerts

Stay updated on your parcel shipments with custom parcel spend alerts for your business. 

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