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Strengthen your supply chain and drive better results with industry-leading SaaS+ products. 

Parcel Shipping Intelligence

Analyze your parcel shipping costs and save more with forward-thinking parcel spending technology. Use parcel spend overview to increase visibility, manage cost, and perform quick parcel analysis. Drill down on carrier information to time in transit analysis and make smarter decisions. Analyze actionable insights to locate hidden savings, billing errors, and possible risks. Choose a monthly plan best suited for your needs and upgrade as you grow. 

Business Impact Analytics

Stay ahead of the competition with top-notch business intelligence technology. Improve your margin, profitability, and accountability with specialized analytics tools. Monitor critical information and relevant KPIs with custom reporting dashboards. Use actionable insights to make smart, data-driven decisions. Analyze inventories to avoid costly and delayed shipments with interactive dashboards.

Demand Forecasting Software

Optimize your supply chain by accurately forecasting demand with TransImpact’s Demand Forecasting Software. Use your past sales data and our 250+ advanced algorithms to forecast demand for up to five years with up to 99% accuracy and manage your inventory to ensure availability. Work with our experts to get a customized Demand Forecasting solution tailored to your business needs.

Inventory Planning Software

Manage, plan, and organize your inventory faster with TransImpact’s Inventory Planning Software. Monitor and track changes in your inventory levels with real-time insights. Accurately forecast inventory levels for up to 180 periods in the future. Calculate safety stock, replenishment, and location-wise inventory needed accurately. Reduce inventory wastage and deadstock by maintaining minimal inventory on hand. 

Sales & Operations Planning Software

Empower collaboration and enhance decision-making in your supply chain with Sales & Operations Planning Software. Plan and measure collaborations across departments and identify issues before they become critical. Analyze the success of current strategies and anticipate changes required to achieve goals. Ensure transparency, exchange insights, and make smarter business decisions.