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Get the power of data analytics and game-changing business intelligence technology with TransImpact. Manage productivity and efficiency and gain control of your supply chain with sophisticated technology and industry expertise. Make value-driven, agile decisions with advanced data analytics and business intelligence.



Up to 10%

Margin Improvement


Business Impact Analytics Suites 

Make Proactive Decisions for Your Business with Managed Data Analytics

Enhance your business performance with our Business Impact Analytics Solution. Improve your margin, profitability, and accountability to make enterprise-level decisions. View precise data from disparate systems on your dashboard along with relevant supply chain KPIs. Drill down on information to monitor the performance of individual sales representatives or vendors and analyze reasons for shipping delays. Get supply chain projections for your products, locate excess inventory, and manage availability.  

Pick the Ideal Suite for Your Business

With our Business Impact Analytics Suites, you can choose the service your business needs. As a growing business, you can begin by selecting one or two suites and gradually adding more as your business grows with time. 


Sales & Order Management

Supply Chain


Technology Services

Managed Data Analytics

Empower growth with actionable insights for your supply chain based on real-time data. Expose areas that need adjustments and make smarter decisions. Visualize essential information with a custom dashboard and locate relevant KPIs for the business. 

Integrated Technology

Our best-in-class technology integration uses your data to deliver immediate impact with a comprehensive data analytics solution. Get practical and value-driven supply chain solutions with the power of the Microsoft BI suite and our decades of expertise. 

Custom Applications

Advanced data analytics solutions feature applications and industry solutions that aim to improve various sectors, including Theory of Constraints (TOC), Labor & Machine performance, Inventory control, etc. For any manufacturer or distributor, you can get business intelligence reporting platforms.